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About is the community resource for Northwest Portland and that includes all the districts therein. This website is here for the community and it can give you information on the histories, present situations, artists, musicians, events, and so much more about Old Town Chinatown, the Pearl District, Hillside, Northwest Industrial, and the Northwest District of Portland. Not only do we provide you with all of this information on Northwest Portland, but also you provide us with the information. This is an interactive site where people in the community can contact us in order to add information to the website whether it is an artist that wants to be promoted, a business that recently opened and wants to be added to our Businesses section, someone that has an idea for a hike for us to add, or someone that wants to fix or add to more information to something that we have already covered. All of these are possible here on We want the community to help us build this site and we want it to be as much of a helpful resource as it can possibly be for the neighborhoods of Northwest Portland. We have a Blog section of the website that is accessible to all that would like to add their input and thoughts about Northwest Portland and whatever else they find to be helpful, the possibilities are too much to list! The blog is also helpful for those that want to find out about other peoples’ inputs on Northwest Portland aside from what the creators of the website have to say, and sometimes it can be extremely helpful to hear the point-of-view of someone that knows the community in a different way than us. We also have a Contact section if you would like to contact us directly.

Aside from a history and an overview of the five neighborhoods that make up Northwest Portland, we also have information on the latest things happening in the neighborhoods with our Events, Bands, and Artists sections of the website where people can promote themselves or others and where we add things that we find out about in the community. Our Businesses section will cover all the businesses in Northwest Portland featuring pictures and descriptions, and this is truly one of the most helpful resources all put onto one site! Almost nowhere else will you find something like this where there is an entire section of a website that is attempting to encompass all the businesses of an entire section of a city! With this resourceful section of the website, you can plan an entire day of shopping efficiently without missing anything that you do not want to miss.

Our Community section is the final stop to finding out all the information that is outside of the other sections of the website. If you cannot find what you need to know in the other sections, surely you will find it here. This section features many sub sections that cover aspects of the community that you cannot find all-encompassed anywhere else. The point of this website is to be the all-encompassing community resource for all of Northwest Portland. We want this to be a website where you can come to find out about Northwest Portland without having to consult many other places, and we want the community to be involved in the site. This website will give you the information needed to plan a hike, a shopping trip, a musical concert, and much more all in the same day without having to consult multiple websites on each topic. Another great aspect of this site is that it is designed to be an eclectic site for the eclectic neighborhoods of Northwest Portland. The things featured on the site appeal to people from all different ages, backgrounds, and interests, and just like the neighborhoods of Northwest Portland, anyone can find things here that will interest them. This is truly an efficient community resource and we hope that you will take advantage of it

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