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Portland Modern

When you see the sign for Portland Modern on 21st Avenue in between Johnson and Irving Street, you probably will think one thing: “Oh, it’s another modern furniture store. Don’t they have like twenty of those in the Pearl District already?” Looking at the sign with its stark white coloring and stylized lettering, along with its unusual placement in the basement of the Irving Street Condominiums, your first thought feels even more confirmed. Then, you take the... 

  • Address:2109 NW Irving St.
    Portland, OR 97209
  • Phone: (503) 243-2580
  • Website: Visit Website...

Nob Hill Shoe Repair

Most people accept that a shoe wearing down and breaking apart is a natural part of its life cycle. After the heels have worn down to nubs, or the soles have started developing holes in them, or the upper portion of the shoe starts to come apart from the sole, you may have the reaction that many others have: throw it away. There’s no way that you can ever wear the shoe again, so you may as well get rid of it so it doesn’t clutter up your house. Your shoe falling... 

  • Address:511 NW 21st Ave.
    Portland, OR 97209
  • Phone: (503) 223-1084

21st Avenue Bicycles

 It is generally agreed that (by a long way) the best way to navigate the streets and routes that criss cross Northwest Portland is by bicycle. Once you get above Nineteenth Avenue, the blocks elongate, and make walks across the neighborhood take that much longer. Beyond that, any driver who has gone through Northwest Portland knows the experience of finding parking in the neighborhood. It’s a series of driving in circles, false starts, and false parks, leading... 

  • Address:916 NW 21st Ave.
    Portland, OR 97209
  • Phone: (503) 222-2851
  • Website: Visit Website...

Joy’s Uptown Style

The Pearl District has plenty of boutiques for the stylish woman on the go. One need only wander around for five minutes to find a boutique with the right clothes for a twenty or thirty year old looking to impress when going out on the town, or going in for work. However, once you get above the age of 45, the options in the Pearl District somewhat dry up, as the Pearl District isn’t quite as flush in clothing for slightly older women. That is where Joy’s Uptown Style... 

  • Address:1627 NW Glisan St.
    Portland, OR 97209
  • Phone: (503) 223-3400
  • Website: Visit Website...

Este’s Men’s Clothing

Este’s Men’s Clothing is a Portland institution. When it comes to men’s clothing in Portland, there are three big names, three places that have stuck around the city for more than half a century. Those are Mario’s, John Helmer Haberdasher, and Este’s Men’s Clothing. Este’s is a place that has been around forever, and a place that has weathered a variety of styles while continuing to come out smelling like roses. There must be something to a store that has... 

  • Address:1633 NW Glisan St.
    Portland, OR 97209
  • Phone: (503) 227-0275
  • Website: Visit Website...

Divine Designs Bridal Boutique

As you look through your life, there are very few moments when what you wear absolutely makes or breaks a situation. There is, of course, the first day of school, where you spent hours and hours the previous night picking exactly the right combination of jeans and t-shirt. Then, there’s the interview for the job of your dreams, where you have to choose exactly the right clothes to make the exact impression you want. However, all of these pale in comparison to that... 

  • Address:512 NW 17th Ave.
    Portland, OR 97209
  • Phone: (503) 827-0667
  • Website: Visit Website...

Fringe Vintage

It’s difficult to find great vintage clothing in Northwest Portland. After a wave of vintage stores could be found throughout the area, they were washed away during the massive recession that hit in 2008. After that wave subsided, there was only one vintage store that stuck around: Fringe Vintage, at the corner of Northwest Seventeenth Avenue and Marshall Street. For many Portlanders, vintage shopping is the only way to go. There are so many elements that go into it... 

  • Address:1700 NW Marshall St.
    Portland, OR 97209
  • Phone: (503) 227-5630
  • Website: Visit Website...


Being a big guy is tough business. Already you have to deal with trying to duck though low hanging doorways and descending the stairs into the basement is a frightening journey rife with knots on the head. However, being a stylish big guy is nearly impossible. Clothing-wise for big guys, there tend to be only two options: big and tall stores, and Foot Locker. The big and tall stores usually have clothes that simply do the job, but aren’t particularly stylish, and Foot... 

  • Address:1801 NW Thurman St.
    Portland, OR 97209
  • Phone: (503) 827-7800
  • Website: Visit Website...

Betsy and Iya

Betsy and Iya is a brand of locally made Portland jewelry that has expanded throughout the nation, being found in boutiques in places as different as New York City, Atlanta, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, and Denver. It also maintains a sizable presence online with its virtual storefront. However, it’s somewhat of a surprise to actually find the flagship store for this growing local jewelry outfit. It actually is tucked into a nest of other small businesses and artist... 

  • Address:1722 NW Raleigh St. #101
    Portland, OR 97209
  • Phone: (503) 227-5482
  • Website: Visit Website...

Lizard Lounge

Lizard Lounge is cool. That’s the only thought that Lizard Lounge wants you to have when you leave its rustic brick warehouse-turned-boutique. In an area that’s absolutely packed to the gills with cool and unique boutiques, it seems like Lizard Lounge’s personal mission is to try to outdo all of them in the departments of being cool and unique. The expansive space plays into that, as the sales floor is enormous. The walls are adorned in all manners of old-fashioned... 

  • Address:1323 NW Irving St.
    Portland, OR 97209
  • Phone: (503) 416-7476
  • Website: Visit Website...

Recycled Chic

Think about fashion in the Pearl District for a second. What comes to mind? Surely, it is images of dresses and suits taken directly off of runways in Paris and New York, almost shining in their newness. The word you don’t think of is “consignment.” Sure, there is plenty of clothing on sale in the Pearl District that is designed to look old, used, and worn, but actually being old, used, and worn, that’s out of the question. That is, until you go to Recycled Chic... 

  • Address:744 NW 12th Ave.
    Portland, OR 97209
  • Phone: (503) 228-1535
  • Website: Visit Website...

Tony Alan Fine Jewelry

If you live in Portland and need to get the stone that symbolizes your love for someone else, your mind will immediately shoot toward the Pearl District. How appropriate is that? The jewel-dubbed neighborhood also happens to be the best place to get your jewels in the city. Yes, while downtown still has its traditional large jewelry stores that have been around for centuries, the Pearl District is the best area to go in Portland for the cutting edge jewelry, the stuff... 

  • Address:604 NW 12th Ave.
    Portland, OR 97209
  • Phone: (503) 894-9199

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