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21st Avenue Bicycles

  • Address 916 NW 21st Ave.
    Portland, OR 97209
  • Phone: (503) 222-2851
  • Website:


It is generally agreed that (by a long way) the best way to navigate the streets and routes that criss cross Northwest Portland is by bicycle. Once you get above Nineteenth Avenue, the blocks elongate, and make walks across the neighborhood take that much longer. Beyond that, any driver who has gone through Northwest Portland knows the experience of finding parking in the neighborhood. It’s a series of driving in circles, false starts, and false parks, leading you to either illegally park, or park about fifteen blocks away from your destination. It’s no good. By bicycle, the area is small enough to navigate in a minimal amount of time, and it’s easy to find a place to park just about anywhere you ride. The only possible danger could be pot holes. If you’re willing to brave those infamous potholes, you first stop in Northwest Portland to prepare for your two-wheeled adventure should be 21st Avenue Bicycles.

The specific focus of 21st Avenue Bicycles is on the types of bicycles typically used by Northwest Portlanders: commuter and road bikes. These are the bikes that are designed to get you from point A to point B with the most possible ease. You won’t be entering any races in a velodrome on them, nor will you compete in a triathlon with them, either.

The brands of bikes offered at 21st Avenue Bicycles include Specialized, Salsa, Globe, and Raleigh, along with others from Bianchi, Euro Asia, and Pake. When you buy your bicycle there, you’ll get a free tune up with it, in order to make it fit you the best way it can. Beyond that, you can get just any of the bicycle accessories you could want at 21st Avenue Bicycles, from safety equipment such as helmets and reflectors, to stylish shirts and shorts, to tools such as wrenches and pumps. 21st Avenue Bicycles has the Northwest Portland biker in mind.

21st Avenue Bicycles is open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. and Sunday from noon until 5 p.m.

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