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Divine Designs Bridal Boutique

  • Address 512 NW 17th Ave.
    Portland, OR 97209
  • Phone: (503) 827-0667
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As you look through your life, there are very few moments when what you wear absolutely makes or breaks a situation. There is, of course, the first day of school, where you spent hours and hours the previous night picking exactly the right combination of jeans and t-shirt. Then, there’s the interview for the job of your dreams, where you have to choose exactly the right clothes to make the exact impression you want. However, all of these pale in comparison to that one special day: your wedding. With a wedding, the clothing may be the most important component, overshadowing the ring, the cake, or even the groom. When you get married, you want to wear the perfect gown or dress. If you want some of the absolute best bridal designs in Portland, you go to Divine Designs Bridal Boutique.

Divine Designs and its staff are there to help you bring your vision for your wedding to life. Your initial appointment with the Divine Designs team will last for an hour and a half and they will help you to craft your ideas into a truly special dress. Then, of course, you get to also peruse from the list of designers and their gowns on display at Divine Designs.

The gowns on display at Divine Designs are straight out of luxury wish fulfillment fantasies such as Sex and the City, and they have the prices to match. The prices on gowns at Divine Designs run between $2,000 at the lowest end and $6,000 at the highest. However, when you’re buying gowns from designers such as Vera Wang, Monique L’Huilier, Paloma Blanca, and Rivini, you should expect to pay a bit of a premium. Your bridesmaids won’t be left in the dust, either, as Divine Designs features bridesmaid dresses from designers like Nicole Miller, Vera Wang, and Siri. Divine Designs will have you looking as beautiful as you feel for your wedding.

Divine Designs is open by appointment Tuesday through Saturday.

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