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Elephants Delicatessen

  • Address 115 NW 22nd Ave. Portland , OR 97210
  • Phone: (503) 299-6304
  • Website:

Before everyone was doing gourmet food that was either imported from abroad, or imported from surrounding farms, there was Elephants Delicatessen. Yes, while you can find these claims across the city now, it was Elephants that was at the vanguard, doing it since 1979. Due to the hard work, and good food done by Elephants, it is now a Portland household name. Then again, its satellite locations all over the city and its surrounding area in places such as downtown, Lake Oswego, and PDX certainly help in that regard. While you may have seen or even been to these places in the past, to truly get Elephants, you need to go to the place where it all started, the Elephants at 22nd and Couch.

Elephants Delicatessen may be one of the best multitasking places in Portland. Not only is it a delicatessen, but it also is a cafe, a grocery store, and a caterer simultaneously. The cafe at Elephants is certainly the portion of the store that receives the most rave reviews from out of towners and make it a must-go definition for any tourist. That has to do with Elephants menu of simple and classic food such as pizzas made in wood-fired ovens and hamburgers and other sandwiches made with the utmost care with the best possible ingredients. No trip to Elephants Delicatessen is complete without a bowl of its legendary tomato orange soup.

The other way that Elephants works is as a food resource. You can call into the place and get your wedding, business event, or church event catered by a company that has decades of experience handling all sorts of situations. If that’s too formal, you can instead opt for delivery of Elephants Delicatessen’s very own sack lunch. It’s all the convenience of catering without the price. Or, as many Portland families do, you can come into Elephants. There, you can peruse the overwhelming variety of cheese, check out more than 20 types of olive oil from around the world, grab a bottle of wine from the substantial cellar, or grab whatever seasonal specials are running in the deli’s take-out area. Elephants Delicatessen is a Portland landmark that you simply cannot miss.

Elephants Delicatessen is open Monday through Saturday from 7 a.m. until 7:30 p.m. and Sunday from 9:30 a.m. until 6:30 p.m. The grill stays open until 8:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

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