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Fringe Vintage

  • Address 1700 NW Marshall St.
    Portland, OR 97209
  • Phone: (503) 227-5630
  • Website:

It’s difficult to find great vintage clothing in Northwest Portland. After a wave of vintage stores could be found throughout the area, they were washed away during the massive recession that hit in 2008. After that wave subsided, there was only one vintage store that stuck around: Fringe Vintage, at the corner of Northwest Seventeenth Avenue and Marshall Street. For many Portlanders, vintage shopping is the only way to go. There are so many elements that go into it that make it great. First, there is the price point. It’s always cheaper to go vintage than new. Next, there’s the treasure hunting aspect of looking through racks and racks of different things. Finally, there’s the feeling of knowing you have something no one else has.

Fringe Vintage is a perfect place to exercise your nose for fashion. It is located in a high ceilinged place, and just about everything you see on display at Fringe Vintage is on sale (except for the lanterns; you will not be able to buy the lanterns so don’t even try it). It is a sensory overload, and you honestly may not know where to turn your attention. Is it to the the numerous classic decorations adorning the wall? Is it to the main counter, which has all manners of jewelry, accessories, and belts, or is it to the drums on an elevated stage (The store is occasionally used as a venue to host parties.)?

Chances are, the clothing will be the biggest draw for you. Fringe Vintage continually has new product coming in throughout the week, and the styles will change throughout the year, so you are guaranteed to have a new experience each time you come in. The women’s section is larger than the men’s section, but both offer the same impressive cross section of vintage clothing. All of the goods at Fringe come with one glorious guarantee: nothing in stock was made after 1990.

Fringe Vintage is open Tuesday through Sunday from noon until 7 p.m.

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