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John’s Coffee Shop

  • Address 301 NW Broadway
    Portland, OR 97209
  • Phone: (503) 227-4611

As the Pearl District expands from its former warehouse beginnings and starts to cross Broadway into Old Town, it is becoming more and more difficult in Northwest Portland to find places where you can find a plate of eggs and sausage for less than seven dollars, or a good burger and fries for less than nine dollars. Portland’s many discount gourmets are left looking to food carts, forced to explore the East Side, or even worse, forced to hit the drive-thru window at their favorite fast food chain du jour.

John’s Coffee Shop, a diner on the corner of Northwest Broadway and Glisan Street, serves as a bulwark against those increasing prices. As it is surrounded by much more high end eateries such as Gilt Club, Park Kitchen, and Chez Joly, John’s Coffee Shop takes heart in being a simple diner, which is meant in the most loving sense of the word. Truffle oils, elaborate garnishes, and innovative plating are not part of the experience here. Instead, you’re going to get the comfort food you love at low prices.

For breakfast, John’s Coffee Shop has two main specials. One has two buttermilk pancakes, one egg, and two slices of either bacon or sausage for only four dollars. The other one has a steak, hashbrowns, eggs, and toast for only five dollars.

At lunch, the options expand greatly, but the prices don’t. No sandwich at the John’s Coffee Shop clocks in at more than five dollars, and each of them comes with fries. Even a bacon cheeseburger, which can get as pricey as $12 around the Pearl, only costs $4.50 at John’s. Dinner items are wallet-friendly but aren’t too vegetarian friendly at John’s, as you can choose between a number of steaks and cutlets served with mashed potatoes and bread for less than six dollars.

John’s Coffee Shop is open Monday through Saturday from 6 a.m. until 2 p.m.

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