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Nob Hill Shoe Repair

  • Address 511 NW 21st Ave.
    Portland, OR 97209
  • Phone: (503) 223-1084

Most people accept that a shoe wearing down and breaking apart is a natural part of its life cycle. After the heels have worn down to nubs, or the soles have started developing holes in them, or the upper portion of the shoe starts to come apart from the sole, you may have the reaction that many others have: throw it away. There’s no way that you can ever wear the shoe again, so you may as well get rid of it so it doesn’t clutter up your house. Your shoe falling apart doesn’t have to be the end of its life.

Instead of tossing your expensive pair of shoes into the trash and then having to buy yet another pair of shoes for, say, $100, or $200, or even $400, you could instead make a trip over to Nob Hill Shoe Repair. Nob Hill Shoe Repair is your lone option for shoe repair in all of Northwest Portland, and to those who know about it, it is a valued resource, and one they go to again and again.

At Nob Hill Shoe Repair, the cobblers will be able to breathe new life into your favorite pairs of shoes. No matter how badly you have treated your shoes or how worn down they are, there’s a good chance that they will not only be restored, but restored to their former glory with a trip into Nob Hill Shoe Repair. Beyond that, with your shoe repair, you’ll also get a free shine with it, almost ensuring that they’ll look better than when you bought them. They’re so confident in their quality that they even offer a punch card for ladies who are particularly hard on their heels. After have five heels redone, the six one is free. Finally, a hole or a worn-down heel doesn’t have to be the end of your favorite boots.

Nob Hill Shoe Repair is open Tuesday through Friday from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m.

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