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  • Address 1801 NW Thurman St.
    Portland, OR 97209
  • Phone: (503) 827-7800
  • Website:

Being a big guy is tough business. Already you have to deal with trying to duck though low hanging doorways and descending the stairs into the basement is a frightening journey rife with knots on the head. However, being a stylish big guy is nearly impossible. Clothing-wise for big guys, there tend to be only two options: big and tall stores, and Foot Locker. The big and tall stores usually have clothes that simply do the job, but aren’t particularly stylish, and Foot Locker is ideal, but only if you plan on wearing basketball shorts throughout the year. Portland’s big guys are lucky, though. They can go to Oddball.

The biggest deal at Oddball is the footwear. The store has racks and racks and racks of large men’s footwear. These aren’t your 11s and 12s. These are sizes 13 through 18. Even better, these aren’t the clod hoppers that you normally have to choose from for big shoes. Instead, you have shoes from brands such as Steve Madden, P.F. Flyers, Vans Original, Nike, Doc Martens, Converse, Johnston and Murphy, and Lacoste. It’s enough to make a guy with average-sized feet extremely jealous when he comes into Oddball. Oddball even has a few clothing items, ranging from hats and t-shirts, to stylish coats.

Now, Oddball has an impressive online presence, and does most of its business through that website. However, it’s a size-18-shoe-sized mistake to simply shop online when you live in Portland and can come into Oddball’s brick and mortar store. It’s just about as close to the perfect shopping experience as you can have. The staff is filled with guys who are as tall as you, and know what kind of shoe you will need. Beyond that, it’s decked out like the best bar ever, as it has multiple complimentary beers on tap, and has arcade machines such as the classic NBA Jam and Ms. Pac-Man. You may just want to go to Oddball to hang out.

Oddball is open Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. until 6 p.m. and Saturday from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m.

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