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Salt Grotto

  • Address 906 NW 14th Ave.
    Portland , OR 97209
  • Phone: 971-255-1053
  • Website:

Salt Grotto is the first artificial salt cave on the west coast. Now what in the heck is a salt cave and why does it need to be artificial? A salt cave is instrumental in the application of halotherapy. It was first practiced in subterranean salt mines. These salt mines and caves created their own climate where temperature and humidity were constant and there was a complete lack of airborne pollutants. This climate has helped relieve respiratory ailments for thousands of years, as Romans with nagging coughs would make their way down into the mines, and come out with a clear throat. As Portland does not have any public salt mines for people to use to clear out their respiratory systems, Salt Grotto is the next best thing in the field of halotherapy.

Salt Grotto is constructed to feel like a real cave, and has had blocks of salt flown in from places such as Pakistan and Poland, just to continue to give it that atmosphere. Speaking of atmosphere, the air in Salt Grotto is ten times cleaner than just outside its doors on the corner of Northwest Fourteenth Avenue and Kearney Street. When you walk into the Salt Grotto, you are guaranteed to get an experience that you will find nowhere else in the city, the state, or even the region.

As with most therapeutic treatments, the way to get the most positive effects is to repeatedly undergo the treatments. If you’re reasonably healthy, one visit per week is enough to give you that little extra bump, but for those with chronic ailments, a few visits per week to the Salt Grotto will help them reduce their issues. Sessions at the salt grotto are 45 minutes each. The pricing for sessions depends on how many times you plan on coming. For a single session, it’s $30, but for a package of ten sessions, it’s only $215, a discount of more than 25 percent.

The Salt Grotto is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. until 7 p.m. and Sunday and Monday from noon until 7 p.m.

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