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  • Address 517 NW 21st Ave.
    Portland, OR 97209
  • Phone: (503) 223-5153

Wimpy’s is a bar that is pretty much alone in the status of being a full on dive bar on Northwest 21st Avenue. Sure, other places such as Gypsy and 21st Avenue Bar and Grill can make claim to the title of dive bar, but they somewhat lose it due to the impeccable decorations on display, and the general idea of openness and sociability. Wimpy’s is a place you can go into after having a bad day at work, or simply a day that has lasted for too long and linger over a drink. The only person who will bother you is a bartender, and he’ll only ask you if you want another one.

The outside of Wimpy’s is a facade of red intermingled with black. The inside of Wimpy’s is a lot like the outside, except get rid of the red. It’s dark and black everywhere. There are a few tables to get stationed at, and then there’s the bar. There’s not really any distractions from your drinking, as Wimpy’s doesn’t have a TV blaring like many of the other bars on 21st Avenue. However, it does feature a consistently great soundtrack for your drinking.

Now, Wimpy’s doesn’t have to be a solitary place, and it indeed is one of the better places in Northwest Portland to start a pub crawl. That’s due to one simple reason: it is dirt cheap. You can grab the pub grub at Wimpy’s such as burgers for only $2.50. Along with that, vodka well drinks at Wimpy’s will also only run you $2.50. Considering the location, you will absolutely not find better prices than that. For a night out where you can get a buzz going on the cheap and the inside of the bar is actually darker than the street outside, Wimpy’s is certainly you top option.

Wimpy’s is open daily until 2:30 a.m.

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