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family_focusNorthwest Portland residents can tell you the avian communities in this city as active and varied as the ground-dwellers populating its streets. The many trees are homes to dozens of native species, and there are groups of locals doing their best to preserve that habitat for their winged neighbors.

The Audubon Society is at the forefront of these locals, putting out an effort to protect the birds that call Portland home. The society also provides interesting and educational trips for the whole family and overnight camping opportunities for children.

Kids are sure to have their imagination ensnared by the many specimen residing near the Audubon Society in protective fenced areas, and there are several hiking trails that begin from the lodge and go through the park to the various protected areas. A great family adventure is to be had by spending the afternoon trekking through the park and looking at as many species as possible while it remains open from sunset until sunrise.

The Audubon Society has been preserving avian species and their habitat in the Portland area since 1903, and they are a veritable mine of information about birds. Kids fascinated by birds would do well to visit the Audubon Society with their parents, who may learn about turning that fascination into a passion that assists with the society’s preservation effort and even a career. Adults with an eye to the sky will have plenty to keep them interested as well, even if they simply want to amble through the forest and feel the surrounding serenity of nature.

Information about events and camps hosted by the Audubon Society are available on their website. The society also hosts information regarding birdwatching in Portland and provides links to networks and communities dedication to natural preservation efforts. The trails are always open, though they get rather wet outside of summer months; make sure the kids are dressed appropriately and that any vehicle used is prepared for wet shoes after a day in the rainy forest.

The Audubon Society‘s main entrance and lodge are at 5151 NW Cornell Rd, Portland, OR 97210, accessible by driving from Downtown via Northwest Lovejoy Street, which turns into Cornell soon before signs appear pointing drivers toward the society. TriMet Bus Line 15 makes a stop at Northwest 23rd Avenue and Northwest Lovejoy Street, and the Portland Streetcar stops at Northwest 22nd Avenue and Lovejoy; from these stops, the society’s entrance is about a 1.5-mile walk or bike ride away. There are also countless ways to hike through Lower Macleay Park along Balch Creek and arrive at the society, though bikes are not permitted on these trails; cyclists should take the road route from Lovejoy and 22nd/23rd.

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