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bigstock-Bike-Park-66362794The tight-knit communities of Northwest Portland cyclists yields many resources to keep them in touch with one another and to assist in the effort to keep Portland as bike-friendly as possible. There is so much material out there about the state of cycling affairs in Portland that sifting through it all would take forever; luckily, there are biking fanatics in town with top-notch web savvy that make it easy for the casual browser to quickly and easily find the information they seek to enhance their Portland cycling life.

Bike Portland is one such resource, a website where everything seen on the screen in some way relates to cycling and cycling lifestyles. Even the ads on the page are all bike-pertinent! The site has easy-to-navigate menus and a front page complete with a featured section comprising external links to helpful cycling resources.

Bike Portland boasts more than 14,000 daily views, and they have a healthy Facebook and Twitter following to boot. For cycle-minded job seekers, there is a jobs section that lists positions that relate to biking—whether as a customer service representative at a bike shop or as a messenger who actually cycles as part of the job—and the section is updated daily to reflect new posts from prospecting employers. For employers looking to tap the Portland cycling communities for biking enthusiasts, a $50 fee nets a listing that remains on Bike Portland until the position is filled.

There is an events section on Bike Portland that keeps the Portland cycling communities appraised of popular rides and meetings. Details about Bike Portland‘s own BikeCraft, group rides to Portland Trail Blazers games and special events, such as a screening of a cycling-pertinent film or local cycling hero Uma Kleppinger’s “BikeYoga” classes, are listed in this section.

A key aspect of the Bike Portland website is the stolen bike section. The frustration of having a bike stolen is a risk Northwest Portland cyclists endure while living so close to the urban heart of Portland, but Bike Portland makes it simple to file a police report with the Portland Police Bureau and to browse a registry of stolen bikes as posted by owners. Visitors to the site are encouraged to read through the registry and, should they see a stolen bike about town, report it immediately to help reconnect rider and cycle; furthermore, if suspicious activity regarding a bike is observed, it may be helpful to search the registry for a match and reported to the authorities if a match exists.

There is also a section for members to contribute biking photos for the Bike Portland communities to see, and a forum where members may swap information about routes, tune-up ideas, thoughts on local bike merchants, anti-theft strategies and much more. Registration is free and allows members to post on the message boards and send in photos to be considered for publication on the site.

Overall, Bike Portland is one of the most comprehensive resources a Northwest Portland cyclist can access. Be sure to browse the site and sign up for membership if interested today!

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