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Doggies Welcome: Portland

dog_day_with_childNorthwest Portland is home many dog-oriented destinations and resources, though there are many more throughout the city that extend beyond the PDX Northwest communities section. However, the PDX Northwest staff is dedicated to helping residents in the area—as well as guests and those considering moving to Hillside, the Pearl District or Old Town Chinatown—to locate resource guides with useful information beyond the northwestern part of town.

Doggies Welcome: Portland is a localized guide that serves a national network of dog owners and helps them determine the best places to visit with man’s best friend, including guides to local parks, dog-friendly accommodations and lodging, and where to shop for a canine when in an unfamiliar town. The site is primarily a listing resource, though some of the places listed on the website are done so by locals seeking to help out fellow pooch owners from out of town.

The Doggies Welcome definition of Portland includes some parts of Cedar Hills and Gresham, so even Northwest Portland residents may want to browse the lodging and accommodation section if a night or two away from the urban setting they’re used to. Furthermore, there are some novelty destinations listed in Southeast and Southwest Portland that may appeal to Northwest Portland dog owners willing to travel to other parts of town in search of dog-friendly activities and events.

Visit the Doggies Welcome: Portland to learn more, and be sure to mention it to any guests before they depart with their canine in tow for the City of Roses.

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