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bigstock-Young-veterinarians-at-work-ch-100822052Portland’s pooch population is among the greatest in the nation and the city has numerous destinations to meet the needs of canines and their owners. No owner likes the thought of their pet in poor health, but there are resources and destinations in Northwest Portland for dog owners and caregivers.

DoveLewis Animal Hospital provides emergency services to injured and traumatized pets and strays 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The hospital is certified by the American Animal Hospital Association and features dozens of experts in various veterinary fields, with canine focus leading the pack. The hospital campus is a very secure, safe environment and visits are kept as non-traumatic as possible for both owner and canine.

DoveLewis is a nonprofit hospital, meaning the board of directors is overseen by true animal lovers who place a high standard on animal care instead of revenue streams or bureaucracy. Staff members and vets are paid for their services, but the ethos of DoveLewis is that the animal comes first, not paperwork or bickering over insurance and costs. Each of the well-trained staff members know that visits to an emergency hospital typically mean bad news, and so are trained to be as sensitive and consoling to owners as possible while their pet is seen to.

In addition to their emergency services, DoveLewis provides such communities services as support groups for pet loss, an animal blood bank and care for stray animals and wildlife. There is also a lost-and-found pet service operated on campus, and the vets take great care of missing animals while listing them on their website for owners to browse when they fear their pet has run away.

There are two funds operated by DoveLewis for Northwest Portland pet owners: the Velvet Assistance Fund and the Charlie Fund. Velvet Assistance is a program for pet owners in need of animal care or emergency services who come from low-income backgrounds, making it easier for the often-expensive nature of emergency animal services manageable for owners who have struggled in the face of harsh economic times. The Charlie Fund exists to provide capital for the treatment of abused animals who need respite from dangerous environments, and the fund is comprised entirely of donations from sympathetic animal lovers who want to provide healing and health to abused pets.

DoveLewis is a teaching hospital, meaning veterinary interns may find work at this hospital on their path to becoming full-fledged animal doctors. There are often seminars and conferences for the vet staff regarding the latest and greatest in animal care, so Northwest Portland dog owners are provided with a very knowledgeable, technologically and medically current staff. There are also opportunities for volunteers who wish to help promote the communities of dog owners in the area while doing some good for those in need of support and medical attention.

As one of the nation’s leading animal care service centers, DoveLewis is an important destination for Northwest Portland residents to know about. While no owner wishes for the tragedy of severe pet trauma, every pet owner will appreciate the readiness and reliability of support the hospital offers owners should their pet suffer trauma; owners should familiarize themselves with the quickest route to DoveLewis and when a hospital visit is necessary (such as being struck by a motor vehicle) and when a regular veterinarian visit will do (such as an outbreak of fleas).

DoveLewis is located at 1945 NW Pettygrove Street, between Northwest 19th and 20th avenues, and the staff may be reached at 503.228.7281. There is vehicle parking available near the hospital, and the Portland Streetcar makes a stop at Northwest Northrup Street and Northwest 18th Avenue; TriMet Bus Line 77 serves this stop as well.

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