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bigstock-a-cute-family-in-the-nature-22223468Having a child in an urban environment is never an easy situation. Rebecca Magby understands this, and she provides her 15+ years of childcare study and practice to Portland parents in need of help.

Everything Baby is a group that provides parents with solutions and answers regarding the behavior of their children, and Magby specializes on toddler care and solutions for issues related to Attendtion Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. As such, the Everything Baby approach features plenty of one-on-one focus, as they work with parents to resolve concerns about their child’s behavior and takes a prescription-free approach to handling issues that may exist with a young child.

Everything Baby works with parents to form action plans with their children, and they also point parents in the direction of helpful resources such as parenting coaches and classes that instruct on effective methods for handling conflict and disruptive behavior in a young child. They also provide professional nanny training, meaning working parents concerned about the care being provided by a nanny can have their questions answered by a certified nanny and nanny trainer.

Magby is a certified nanny and parent coach by the Academy for Coaching Parents International and is most familiar with the toddler years, though she has worked with many families over the years and can answer questions on other topics as well. She has worked as a preschool teacher and studied child development while serving as an active nanny, so she’s no stranger to many of the issues that parents encounter.

Individual information regarding Everything Baby’s services and rates can be obtained contacting them via their website or by calling their office at (503) 617-4685. Everything Baby also has a newsletter that parents may subscribe to with updates about events and helpful material for Portland parents.

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