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Family Dogs New Life Shelter

bigstock-Kids-preparing-a-shelter-for-t-103189751Portland residents love their dogs with a welcoming warmth most major cities lack, though the city is still home to many abandoned, runaway and otherwise homeless canines. Fortunately, there are some great no-kill shelters in Portland that provide services for local dogs through working with other municipal and state shelters to save pooches who would otherwise be put down.

Family Dogs New Life Shelter is dedicated to reducing the figure of euthanized dogs in the Portland area, and they are a welcoming no-kill shelter run by canine-friendly staff members who care for abandoned and stray pups. They also provide a surrendering service for owners who can no longer keep their canine, whether due to relocation, financial issues or simply being overwhelmed with the responsibility of their dog to provide it with a good home.

The Family Dogs New Life Shelter is located in Southeast Portland, and they host a website with a list of dogs currently available for adoption, as well as an overview of other services that Family Dogs provides local pooches. The site also has details about their process and contact information for Portlanders ready to adopt a canine.

Family Dogs serves as an adoption shelter as well, so Northwest Portland residents wishing to become dog owners ought to check out this shelter for a new family member. The trainers and staff at Family Dogs do their best to assure the dogs are well-trained and well-groomed animals fit for a new home, especially since they are striving to place their sheltered animals and not euthanize them after a set time at the shelter.

Adoption services via Family Dogs do not require an appointment. Any Portlander interested in a new dog may visit during their operating hours—noon to 6 p.m. Saturday through Wednesday, and 7 p.m. on weekdays—and search for the breed, size and temperament best suited to the owner’s lifestyle and location. Adoption fees may be worked out upon visiting the shelter, and a bevy of essentials are included with adoption, from a free veterinary exam, a month of animal health insurance, a leash and collar, and discounts to local dog-oriented services.

Their website includes links to a dog blog for Portland owners, complete with posts regarding dog events, news and resources to keep readers connected with fellow dog lovers and owners in their area and throughout the metropolitan area. Philanthropic dog lovers will find a section detailing how to support the shelter and assist in its mission of keeping as many dogs alive as possible.

Whether looking to adopt or surrender a dog, the Family Dogs New Life Shelter is a great resource for owners and owners-to-be. The staff is a helpful bunch able to answer many questions about breeds, expected growth, canine behavior and where to take a dog in the Portland area; check out this resource when deciding whether or not to bring a new dog home and have it join the family.

The shelter itself is located at 9101 Southeast Stanley Avenue and has ample parking for motorists and cyclists. TriMet Bus Lines 31 and 75 have stops to the south and the east, respectively, within a mile of the shelter.

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