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bigstock-Woman-Eats-Healthy-Food-Vegeta-94139600Northwest Portland is home to many wonderful vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options, but that doesn’t bar the area from offering all the sugary, fatty processed grub so popular across the nation. Parents have an especially tough time keeping their children on a good, balanced diet and getting them involved with regular exercise.

Fit Kids PDX is a very helpful blog for local parents seeking help in maintaining a good fitness level and diet for their children. There are several methods to help instill the value of eating right and staying active among Portland’s youth, and parents will enjoy learning about local and national resources and articles detailing just how to go about promoting good health among their kids.

Molly Wilson started the Fit Kids PDX blog in January 2010 after 20 years of training and becoming a certified personal trainer certified by the American College of Sports Medicine, in addition to being a lifestyle and weight management coach certified by the American Council on Exercise. She struggled with obesity issues during her own teenage years before choosing to modify her diet and exercise approaches, a choice that shaped her into the active, healthy trainer she is today.

The Fit Kids PDX blog focuses her energy specifically on putting blog visitors in contact with materials and resources that relate to child fitness and health, and there is an archive of links to articles and more on this site. The focus shifts between exercise regimens and equipment to good dieting techniques and even the occasional recipe idea. YouTube videos are also embedded when they relate to a post’s topic, and blog visitors may comment on the individual posts.

Wilson offers a 10-week body evolution program for kids, designed to help them lose weight, tone their bodies and offer insight regarding their dieting practices. Two programs are available; one geared for 8- to 13-year-old kids and another for 14- to 18- year-old teens; and additional information about the class and how to get involved or contact Wilson are available on the blog.

Parents and fitness enthusiasts will enjoy this blog, especially if they struggle daily with their children over health and fitness issues. Tips on how to manage a child’s diet without causing a fuss and how to incorporate fitness into their daily routine are on this blog, so check it out and see how it will help with raising a healthy, happy Northwest Portland child.

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