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Northwest Portland is a busy area, and many of its residents are perpetually hustling and bustling about for work, shopping, parenting and other responsibilities. This can make it difficult for Northwest Portlanders to make time for fitness on their own and stick to a regular schedule that beneifts their routine and fitness.

Here to help manage the time and balance of fitness in the lives of locals is Get Fit Live Fit, a resource that connects walkers and runners in various Northwest Portland neighborhoods. They plan group meets to walk and run through the area and establish regular times for physical fitness in the busy lives of Northwest Portland residents.

A key appeal of Get Fit Live Fit is its marathon training, as they provide pace leaders who have run many marathons in their time and gleefully work with Northwest Portland residents to prepare them for marathon running though a system of conditioning and training that will get the body and mind of a Northwest Portland walker or runner into the right shape for a 5-kilometer event, a half marathon and even a full 26.2-mile marathon—most notably the Portland Marathon that makes its way through the city and often parts of Northwest Portland each year.

There is an online training section on Get Fit Live Fit‘s website as well. Here, walkers and runners from outside the Portland area may discover resources to assist in their training; it may even convince a running enthusiast to visit or relocate to Northwest Portland to bask in the abundance of fitness-savvy business, resources and destinations of the area. Vancouver residents will also find training resources specific to their area on the website.

For Northwest Portland residents seeking to join a training group in their area, Get Fit Live Fit offers an online store to purchase a package that best fits their interests. Packages range from $60 to $110 and include meet-up places for runners and walkers at various places throughout Northwest Portland. These rally points are typically decided upon in advance, and starting times are typically determined by the schedules of group members once the program gets underway—whether a six-month marathon training program or a shorter program intended for other events.

Get Fit Live Fit also has a runner resources section that connects Northwest Portland runners with free training groups and route advice. An interactive map of Northwest Portland details routes popular among runners in the area, some of which are used in the Get Fit Live Fit training programs and most that span at least 20 miles.

This Northwest Portland running resource is great for promoting fitness among the locals and makes it easy for area visitors to determine where to go for their own training. Whether looking for some basic advice about running in a Northwest Portland neighborhood or to join a training program with professional pace leaders, it’s worth visiting Get Fit Live Fit and learning something new about the Northwest Portland running communities!

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