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bigstock-Weight-Loss-Concept--Young-Wo-89866037Northwest Portland is a very health-conscious place to live. There are several gyms, fitness stores and healthy restaurants to choose from, and PDX Northwest helps to identify where a local health enthusiast ought to go.

Get Fit Training is a local gym intent on benefiting the fitness of Northwest Portland residents whom seek to change their lifestyle and maintain their fitness level once the initial goals are achieved. They provide several approaches to fitness and have a knowledgeable staff of local trainers to help gym users connect with resources in the area and join a communities of fitness-minded folks throughout Portland.

They provide an iPhone app that provides subscribers with a daily fitness challenge designed to promote unique and effective fitness practices. With a $1 price tag, this app is part of what makes Get Fit Training stand out as a Portland gym that blends innovation and affordability with its solid workout regimens and support from the staff.

Founder Eleni Kehagiaras developed her passion for fitness after realizing she was 50 pounds above her starting weight after her second pregnancy in 2001. She is certified in myriad forms of fitness, ranging from pilates and TRX suspension training to aquatics and spin exercise, and she holds American Council on Exercise trainer certification. She speaks both English and Spanish, and holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and in biology.

The Get Fit Training testimonials section include before-and-after photos alongside quotes detailing the help Kehagiaras has provided clients with, and many of them detail drastic weight loss of 30 pounds or more. John Canzano of the Bald Faced Truth sports radio program sponsors the gym and the Rose City Rollers derby team also train with Kehagiaras, and the gym offers corporate and team training alongside its personal services.

The gym offers such programs as a body evolution program that lasts for several weeks and is aimed at helping members lose large amounts of weight. It is not a simple workout program, so those interested should seriously consider the challenge before spending the $480 that the eight-week-minimum program incurs. There is also a boxing coach on staff, and a high-intensity interval training method that is meant to take a casual exerciser to a higher fitness level through rigorous training over a short period of time; this program beings at $89 per month.

Individual training begins at $35 per hour and monthly rates are available for most services. Those interested in joining the gym are encouraged to contact the staff directly at 503.816.1070 and schedule a consultation. Training sessions are by appointment only, so be sure to contact the gym before simply dropping by.

The Get Fit Training gym is located at 1500 NW 18th Ave, and TriMet Bus Line 77 makes a stop three blocks south at Northwest Northrup Street and 18th Avenue, where the Portland Streetcar also makes a stop. Free parking is available in front of the gym and in the surrounding area, so driving to the gym is a safe bet, as is walking or cycling to its front door (bike parking is available).

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