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Neighborhood House Parenting Program

Most parents know that it takes a village to raise a child. However, in urban areas such as Portland where the village is a city, this credo must be modified to fit the environment, and that’s why parents in the area are working to create a communities that more closely resembles a tight-knit village than a vast, anonymous city.

The Neighborhood House Parenting Program does just that, meeting at Markham Elementary School on Southwest Capitol Highway and serving the entire metropolitan Portland area’s worth of parents. They provide resources and meetings for parents with children up to eight years old, as well as working with parents in the prenatal stage. They strive to assist many parents as possible, and thus offer assistance free of charge.

The NHPP provides about a dozen programs for parents in the Portland area. Topics from parent education to early brain development are focused on during these programs, and there is an English as a Second Language program exists as well.

Information about additional programs and how low-income families may discover financial assistance with rent, food and energy may be found at the NHPP website. They can also reached by calling (971) 244-0148 or visiting Markham School at 10530 SW Capital Highway.

The NHPP is a useful resource for families encountering tough times, or for those who simply want to keep in touch with fellow parents and children to provide a sense of communities between neighbors. Neighborhood House provides additional resources beyond their parenting program as well, so give their website a look and learn what can be done to help establish good communities in your area of Portland.

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