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Northwest Portland Bike/Walk Map

bigstock-Tablet-computer--couple-hikin-71311669Northwest Portland can be a bit confusing for newcomers; the streets are alphabetized for most of the area and the avenue numbers get larger the farther away from the river they are, but there are some additional streets that break up the otherwise grid-like layout of the area. There are also additional walkways to help pedestrians avoid motorized traffic while navigating the area that aren’t as easily found as a main street intersection.

Whether new to Northwest Portland or a longtime resident looking to brush up the geography of a given neighborhood, the Northwest Portland Walk Map is a useful resource that makes it easy to identify the shortest route by foot from one location to another. The map is freely distributed by the City of Portland and it may be viewed on their website, which includes practical tips for foot travelers in the heavily urban sections of Portland.

In addition to the main roads and popular walking trails, the map highlights paths that are handicap-accessible. There is also information about shortcuts Northwest Portland residents may take in the urban crosshatch of the area without getting lost—now that’s a handy resource to help save time when traversing this town!

Rather than risk getting lost, take a look at the Northwest Portland Walk Map. A PDF version may be printed off or a pre-folded version ordered for free on the website as well, so be aware of this resource—especially when expecting out-of-town guests who will hoof it around town.

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