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bigstock-Sporty-Happy-Woman-Running-Wit-84410648Portland culture has embraced the advent of technology since web traffic spiked at the early turn of the millennium. As the blogosphere grew larger and more dense, the number of Portland-centric blogs increased and suddenly every topic had a dozen blogs dedicated to it as run by locals with web savvy and something to say. For dog owners, this meant a swelling in the amount and variety of local dog blogs, some useful and well-designed and others extraneous and painful to look at.

PDX Northwest is happy to report that PDX Dog is both a good-looking and informative dog blog for locals with a dog or several dogs. There is also attention focused on other animals, but pups rule the roost on this blog that includes plenty of information about life as a dog owner in Northwest Portland and the surrounding city.

More than a simple blog these days, PDX Dog is something of a social network for dog owners that incorporates several groups focused on myriad facets of life in Portland with a pooch, a message board for members to share their thoughts and a photo album comprising photos of members and their beloved pets. Membership is required to browse the site beyond its front page, though it is free to sign up and register.

Once a PDX Dog member, full access to the site will include posting privileges, access to the blog itself and to browse the marketplace section that connects users with useful information about shopping and places to take canines in Portland. Various videos are also available to view, and an activity stream from the front page links to recent posts by fellow users.

With free membership and a plethora of options and information for users, any dog owner in northwest Portland would do well to join PDX Dog and get in touch with fellow owners. Check it out today and join up to get in touch and learn more about life as a Portland canine lover.

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