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bigstock-Professional-Dog-Walker-Exerci-96550064As any resident of a dog-friendly building in an urban area can tell you, some owners simply do not train their dog against constant barking when alone or at the slightest noise from the hall. Furthermore, some owners don’t provide the attention and training their pooch needs before they stop treating the apartment like a front lawn, soiling carpets or making messes without knowing any better.

PDX Pets on the GO! is a great service for working and busy dog owners who want to assure their pet is able to receive the necessary attention and walking it needs to remain a well-mannered canine in Northwest Portland. Owners can rest assured that their dog is provided with opportunities to walk around outdoors, be fed appropriately and taught to behave indoors, all while owners are at work or otherwise away from home.

Charles Sutton operates the business as a certified pet nanny and has a long list of references, testimonials and credentials to assure dog owners that he is able to care for your dog when you are busy. His services include dog walking, overnight stays, visits to dog parks and even a pet taxi service for owners without a car who need to transport their pup beyond walking distance.

PDX on the GO! does not require that owners leave their pet at an unfamiliar location while out of town or before getting walked by Mr. Sutton. He is able to schedule visits to the owner’s home and gather their canine for a walk of a predetermined time, with varying prices based on the length and location of the walk. Sutton does not provide “pack walks” with various dogs from multiple homes; rather, the cost per walk is applied to one dog and up to two more may be walked for no extra charge, and in areas where the dog simply needs to be let out instead of leashed and walked, the price decreases.

Sutton also provides a weekend service for an hour-long visit to  the off-leash Normandale Dog Park in Northeast Portland. As with walking services, Sutton arranges the schedule of Normandale visits in three-hour blocks, so owners may contact him to schedule a time when their dog can join up to three other dogs on a trip to Northeast for a leash-free experience in an area where fellow canines have the run of the place.

Details about pricing and scheduling are available on the PDX Pets on the GO! website, so be sure to browse it before contacting Mr. Sutton via the site or calling 971.212.4472 to arrange for his services. He is located in Southwest Portland and serves most of the metropolitan area, making him a great resource for local dog owners.

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