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Portland Fitness Meetup

bigstock-Friends-whit-thumbs-up-smiling-89841443Northwest Portland’s consistent ebb and flow of residents and visitors carries with it a wide variety of interests and opportunities to develop communities and networks based on shared interests and hobbies. In the modern age, online groups have grown from a novelty into an expectation; it seems that no matter how eclectic or unorthodox the interest, there is an online group all about it.

Fitness is a traditional interest that has plenty of online groups, and Northwest Portland residents will have an easy time getting in touch with one another and planning events via the Portland Fitness Meetup. With more than 100 members, this Meetup group is very active and often has an event planned just around the corner to promote fitness and well-being in the Portland area.

Meetups require that users register as members before they may browse meeting details or contribute to the photo archives or message boards. There is a section on the Portland Fitness Meetup website featuring an events calendar that keeps members appraised of upcoming runs, hikes and many other fitness-related activities in and around Northwest Portland. Additionally, this Meetup is included in a network of similar groups in the area that users may find interesting.

Using Meetup is free, and the Portland Fitness Meetup is a superb resource for Northwest Portland residents looking to connect with like-minded fitness fanatics in their area. Browse this group today and sign up to get in touch with fitness peers around town!

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