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Portland Hiking Meetup

bigstock-adventure-travel-tourism-hi-96494420Portland Hiking Meetup is an online gathering of local hikers. They detail information about gatherings in Portland and beyond among hikers, as well as host a message board to share information about hiking goods, services, trails and miscellanea.

Portland Hiking Meetup provides a calendar of events, highlighting when and where Portland hikers are meeting and what they’re planning to hike next. Some of the events are simple mix-and mingle socials, while others are planned hikes in groups. There are also posts regarding clinics and workshops on hike-related activities and techniques, as well as meetings at rock-climbing gyms to keep in shape while planning hikes around town and the Pacific Northwest.

Membership for the Portland Hiking Meetup is free, and it is required to post on the message boards. Hikers with a Facebook profile may use it to log in. Once a member, hikers may also post ideas regarding where to go hiking or photos from their own treks to share on the site.

Portland Hiking Meetup is a straightforward concept that every Portland hiker ought to take advantage of, so head over there and find out what’s happening in the Portland hiking communities!

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