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Portland Online: Cycling Safety and Education

bigstock-Group-Of-Children-Having-Safet-91233035With the vast communities of cyclists that reside in Portland, it seems fitting that city and county officials undertake large efforts to assure that cyclists are able to easily connect with resources that benefit various facets of the cycling lifestyle. One area that is especially important for cyclists in urban areas such as Northwest Portland is education on safe cycling and general resources relating to cycling safety that help reduce the risk of injury or traffic incidents while preserving the positive relationship cyclists foster between themselves and pedestrians, motorists and rail traffic.

As such, there is a section on the comprehensive Portland Online website dedicated to cyclist safety and education. The Portland Online Cycling Safety and Education section includes links to good reading about what results when uninformed or unsafe cyclists parade the street with no concern for others or themselves, as well as linking browsers with official literature published and distributed by the City of Portland and Multnomah County.

The vast stores of material hosted on Portland Online includes dozens of PDF documents that may be downloaded and perused for free, so long as the web user has Adobe Acrobat (which is also free for download; a link on the Portland Online website will take users directly to the download page on Adobe’s website). There are also videos relating to Portland cycling safety and education, as well as a link to information about routes to schools for students who prefer to pedal to class.

The comprehensive list of materials on cycling safety and education make this resource a helpful site for Northwest Portland cyclists. Browse the list today to learn more about what it means to be a respectful and helpful cyclist in the Northwest Portland area.

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