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Portland Playgroup Meetup

Portland parents may have a difficult time keeping in touch with one another or even meeting fellow parents in their area. Without being able to get and keep in touch, parents will have a difficult time setting playdates that help their children develop socially while providing parents and caregivers a chance to catch up.

Luckily, there is a Portland Playgroup Meetup to address this challenge. Parents may log on to the Meetup page and send messages between one another, join a particular group that caters to their interests and discuss possible group outings for children in their communities. This becomes a two-way street of success for parents: The kids will play together and give the adults an opportunity to mingle while making sure the troublemaking stays to a minimum.

The new-parent crowd in Portland must be growing, because there are dozens of playgroups that meet all across town at parks, museums and other destinations to entertain and inform both parent and child. The meeting locations are usually secondary to the goal of finding fellow new parents familiar with the challenges Portlanders face when they become a mother or father.

Some of the groups also host lists of resources on their Meetup page that simplify the search for reading materials or service centers focused on helping new parents manage their time and children. Working parents will also find groups focused on providing reliable, credible nannies to help rear their young child. Other groups even help fellow parents out by helping to identify great toys for their child during their formative years, meaning less time spent shopping will leave more time spent with developing minds.

Most of the parenting Meetup groups keep information about their events and their contact details private, and are typically cautious about accepting new members into their groups. This is to assure the safety of children in the group from potential predators or wayward juveniles. There are groups focused on outdoor adventures, artistic groups and some that simply like to arrange for their toddlers and young children to play together during a group outing.

New Portland parents will especially enjoy the Meetup groups that exist for infant and toddler activities, as working with fellow new parents helps lighten the load of rearing the little ones. To find out more about groups and events, head over to the Portland Playgroup Meetup and browse the index of groups in various neighborhoods.

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