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bigstock-Border-Collie-Dog-Catching-Fri-81286235PDX Northwest focuses on the northwest section of Portland (imagine that), but it also recognizes that dog owners in the area like to venture beyond Hillside, the Pearl District and Old Town Chinatown sometimes. For times such as these, there are several dog-resource guides both in print and online that cater to the interests of Northwest Portland dog owners, and PDX Northwest helps owners determine which of these resources is most helpful for them.

Portland Pooch is a superb resource for dog owners in Northwest Portland looking to escape the neighborhood for a bit and explore other area, including listings for several dog-friendly businesses and attractions throughout the Portland area. If an owner isn’t interested in reading though several paragraphs of description or abstracts about the many dog-oriented stores, parks and attractions in and around the city, Portland Pooch will be a very useful listing resource that includes specific, easy-to-browse details about where to shop or visit among as a dog owner beyond the Northwest Portland neighborhoods.

There are several sections, and frequent out-of-city travelers will appreciate Portland Pooch‘s overview of hotels and motels that allow dogs during a stay. The lodging section includes a region-by-region breakdown of Oregon, each with contact details and rates for where to stay with man’s best friend. Maps to each place of lodging are included.

Portland Pooch also provides owners with an enormous list of dog-centric businesses throughout the state and especially in Portland, making it easy to find shopping spots, restaurants and other businesses in the Northwest Portland area and nearby. Owners will find additional guides to local dog parks, veterinarians and clinics, and county animal services contact information. Be sure to browse Portland Pooch to discover businesses, destinations and resources that exist beyond the Northwest Portland area and expand the horizons of both owner and pet.

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