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bigstock-People-in-a-gym-in-martial-art-13719275Martial arts have, thanks to Hollywood’s bombastic attitude, been forgotten as a form of physical exercise and training, instead being considered a way to fight effectively. At the roots of martial arts, however, is the drive to learn self-confidence, discipline and a mental toughness to complement the physical boost—all cruxes of a typical exercise program, in other words.

Northwest Portland residents have near-home access to a superb dojo for learning, practicing and mastering karate, as Portland Shotokan is the local extension of the national shotokan communities. It is a form of martial arts founded by Tsutomu Ohshima, a revered karate instructor and developer whose skills are deeply rooted in the karate communities of America.

The Portland Shotokan dojo currently has about a half-dozen instructors to provide adult and child training to interested clientele, and they rotate in their teaching of karate methods, techniques and about the discipline at large. The physical benefits of increased stamina, flexibility and aerobic condition become apparent within weeks of joining the dojo, and the heightened mental and spiritual clarity will develop as the student’s understanding of martial arts does.

The Portland Shotokan website includes a calendar of classes and information about pricing to join the dojo. Dress code is also detailed, and a section hosting links to karate-related resources is also available.

Northwest Portland residents interested in karate should definitely browse the Portland Shotokan website. The dojo always welcomes new members, so discover what opportunities exist in the area and consider visiting for a free testing session today!

The Portland Shotokan dojo is in the Friendly House communities Center, located at 2617 NW Savier Street. TriMet Bus Lines 15 and 77 both have stops within a block of the center, and the Portland Streetcar stops at Northwest 23rd Avenue and Northwest Northrup Street, a short walk away from the intersection of Northwest 26th Avenue and Savier.

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