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Sniff Dog Hotel

bigstock-two-dogs-resting-on-a-sofa-74579683Northwest Portland dog owners with jobs know the struggles of leaving their dog at home during the day with no one to walk them, check on their barking or feed them. However, there are various resources in town ranging from professional dog walking services to day cares that will look after canines while their owners carry on with their professional lives.

Safety is an essential facet of a dog’s stay at the Sniff Dog Hotel, as is security between the guests—be sure any dog staying at the hotel is friendly with fellow canines before considering booking a stay. Prior to check-in, owners must prove vaccination for distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus and parainfluenza (DHPP) vaccination, as well as vaccination for rabies and bordetella, with a certificate from a veterinarian within six months of the check-in date. Vets may fax animal medical histories directly to the hotel before check-in to simplify the process for owners. All guests must be at least four months old and, if over seven months old, be either spayed or neutered.

Sniff Dog Hotel asks that owners bring with their pet an appropriate amount of their regular food for the duration of the stay, as sudden dietary shifts may cause health problems and make the visit less pleasant. The hotel staff is trained and prepared to administer non-injection medication as provided by owners at check-in, provided the proper dosage information is included. The  does provide bowls and beds for canine guests, so owners need not bring them along.

Prior to check-in, dogs must be brought for a short interview to assure that they will fit in well among other guests and that they satisfy the veterinary requirements of the hotel. So long as a dog’s temperament and hygiene are up to scratch, owners will be able to schedule a visit upon the completion of an interview and will be able to check in much quicker upon future visits.

For owners with less social canines, there is a Personal Pooch program that will cater to its visit and will not include playgroup time that is typically part of a stay at the Sniff Dog Hotel. Owners with female dogs in heat may use the hotel, as may owners of unaltered males, though an additional cost is assessed for cleanup and privacy while in heat and for the cost of one-on-one walks with staff members in lieu of group time (since females in heat will disrupt the attention of male canine guests and unaltered males present a risk for unwanted pregnancies among females in heat).

Sniff Dog Hotel also offers a full array of grooming, massage therapy and training services for guests that owners may include in the cost of a stay. There is a retail boutique for the fashion-savvy pooch, as well as a cafe featuring food, beer, wine and coffee for owners to enjoy while their dog plays in the indoor park of Sniff dog. There are several TVs in the cafe, as well as WiFi access and even a happy hour from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Overall, Sniff Dog Hotel is a great destination for Portland dog owners looking to provide their pet with a break from the normal routine and enjoy the company of other canines while their owners take a break from looking after man’s best friend. Be sure to browse their website for rates and scheduling details before a visit and check out their training programs that will bring happiness to both dog and owner.

The Sniff Dog Hotel is located at 1828 NW Raleigh Street, and they may be reached at 503.208.2366. Street parking in the area is ample, and there is a Portland Streetcar stop at the intersection of Northwest Northrup Street and Northwest 18th Avenue, which is also served by TriMet Bus Line 77.

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