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bigstock-Dog-And-Owner-Walking-92918486Portland has a thriving print industry, despite hard times across the board for journalists and writers of every trade. Luckily, the City of Roses keeps to its independent spirit with monthly publications, zines and alternative newspapers, up to and including publications focused on dogs and dog ownership in the area.

Spot Magazine is a free, local publication all about dog ownership in Portland. It can be found at several destinations and businesses throughout Northwest Portland and the metropolitan area, or else viewed online at the Spot Magazine website.

As a free publication, Spot Magazine welcomes letters to the editor that may be published if they are well-written and relevant. The Spot staff is made up of a small roster of local animal lovers who put out the monthly publication to benefit dog owners in the area by highlighting events, trends, news and other topics that pertain to dog ownership in Portland and beyond.

Spot Magazine is widely distributed throughout the Pacific Northwest region, meaning some informati9on may not be specific to Portland residents. However, the events calendar and resource guide make it easy to determine what among its content relates to the interests of owners in a given area. The material is well-written and makes for great reading among dog owners, or even non0owners who simply love canines.

The Spot Magazine website includes a blog with upcoming events, information about dog-related articles and posts by the staff just meant to entertain readers. There is also a marketplace section that features information on where to shop for dog-related materials, as well as polls for web browsers to participate in that are later used in published content.

A section on adoptable pets is available to browsers seeking to add a canine to their home, most from current owners no longer able to provide a home for their pet. There is also a photo section exists for readers to display the fun they’ve had with their dogs about town, making the publication all the more communities oriented.

Spot Magazine is a fabulous publication for dog owners in Northwest Portland, so keep an eye out for it while shopping for doggy goods or when visiting the veterinarian. If a print issue just doesn’t seem to be anywhere, the current issue and archived issues may be browsed free of charge at the Spot Magazine website, so head over there and read up on all things cuddly and barking.

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