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Trails Club of Oregon

bigstock-Map-and-compass-use-by-hikers--121810979Trails Club of Oregon is a network of hikers and outdoor enthusiasts that has served Oregonians for nearly 100 years, hosting events and distributing newsletters to members. They havea  rich tradition of good, clean fun among the natural beauty of Oregon, and key organizers of the Trails Club may be contacted in Portland.

Trails Club of Oregon has a newsletter called the Trail Blazer it provides members, filled with hiking information and events the club is hosting. The club’s website directs users to several useful resources for hikers, including sites with weather information, where to apply for snow-parking permits and how to care for hiking equipment.

Trails Club of Oregon hosts two lodges: Nesika Lodge in the Columbia River Gorge and Tyee Lodge near Mt. Hood. Non-members are allowed to join members on day trips from the lodges, though only members may stay overnight at the lodges.

New members must attend a published trip, visit one of the lodges and attain two sponsoring members to join Trails Club of Oregon. Membership dues are $45 annually and $25 per additional member at a household with a current member. Minors and seniors pay a $25 due, and there is a $15 initiation fee for all new members.

The regular schedule of events that Trails Club of Oregon hosts make them a great group for any hiker to join. Be sure to browse their site and consider joining if you like to get away from the city with like-minded hikers and feel the embrace of wide-open nature!

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