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Wilshire Park

Northwest Portland is home to a few parks that make for great destinations as people, and most dogs enjoy walking through the neighborhood and taking in the cross-section of urban and natural sights, scents and sounds in the area. The vast, sprawling park nestled in the hills just west of Portland and south of Burnside are primarily areas that require a leash if owners wish to bring their pet along, and there are some parks just across the river—a short bus or MAX ride away—that provide off-leash areas for Northwest Portland dog owners to visit.

Dogs running free in the Wilshire Park off-leash area, as with most off-leash areas, must have current tags with information about where it lives and how to contact its owners. If a dog shows aggression toward other canines in the area, they must be leashed and led away from the off-leash area immediately. As there are small children in Wilshire Park during peak hours, owners are asked to supervise their pet closely to preserve the health of the little ones who may accidentally provoke a canine or be at risk for injury while playing near dogs larger than they are.

Non-vaccinated dogs or females in heat are not allowed in the Wilshire Park off-leash area to assure the health and good behavior of other dogs. Owners are responsible for their dog’s behavior, and are to remain within sight and a near enough distance to quickly re-leash their dog in case of aggression or incident.

As long as owners and dogs adhere to the rules and etiquette of off-leash areas, Wilshire Park makes for a superb doggy destination. There are baseball and soccer fields, a horseshoe area and other park amenities that make it a great visit for the whole family, canine included, any day of the week.

Wilshire Park is located at Northeast Skidmore Street and Northeast 33rd Avenue, and it features a large park area where dogs may run free as owners observe from the fence and chat with fellow owners. The off-leash area is open from 5 a.m. until midnight year round, every day of the week.

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